Name of the project : International  Exhibition

         « Paintful Peace "

Art. Christianity. Peace.

It is a cultural and humanitarian project.

The aim of the project : to unite the painters from different countries in order to promote peace and remind that all people represented here by 3 painters from countries  as Georgia, Ukraine and Russia have so much in common together. First of all, the Art unites hearts. Second of all, the Christianity unites spirits. Third of all, the Peace unites minds. 

Deontology: Our competition is apolitical. In the current geopolitical context, we believe it is highly important to remind people about solidarity, friendship and humanism. So, we work through exhibition to share the values of peace. Our partners are people and companies who show their enthusiasm for this project.

Organized by: Ekaterina Kuragina with collaboration of NGO “Club de Chance” (France – Georgia - Russia)

The exhition is free and accessible to everyone. 

Renown artists from Georgia, Russia, Ukraine will be united in Georgia for a unique and exclusive exhibition. The Georgia is the source of christianity. Just after Easter, it is the best time to start the exhibition in the name of Art, Christianity and Peace.

50 works from 29 countries from winners in children's drawing competition "Draw me peace" will be united with the adult's exhibition to promote the continuation of peace in art from now to the future generations.

The participants are from 3 sensitive countries:


as a host, a painter well-known and loved in his country,

David Badzagua, Georgia : born in Georgia (in Abkhazia), famous abroad through his numerous exhibitions in the USA, Turquie, Europe as France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic etc

as quests, new and great painters to discover for Georgians,

Anatolii Pogorolyi, Ukraine 

Olga Balashova, Russia 

International NGO “Club de Chance” organizes every year the International  Children’s Drawing  Competition « Draw Me Peace »

In 2017 we received more than 2000 drawings from 30 countries of the world. The organizers of this event have noticed that an important number of participants were children coming from regions and countries with armed conflicts. They have also discovered that this drawing contest encourages people, both young and old, to look more closely at the current situation in the world in which “when parents make war, children draw peace”.

The winners of the Competition – the best 53 drawings of the world about the Peace will be introduced during the exhibition “Paintful Peace” in April 2017 in Tbilisi, Georgia

The exhibition will be held from 20 till 24 of April in Tumanishvili Theatre, 164 David Agmashenebeli Ave, Tbilisi.

The vernissage is on the 20th at 19.00.

“I was once asked why I don't participate in anti-war demonstrations. I said that I will never do that, but as soon as you have a pro-peace rally, I'll be there.” ― Mother Teresa